ABBYY TextGrabber implements Real-Time Recognition to instantly connect text to action

ABBYY®, a leading global provider of technologies and solutions to action information, today announced the release of TextGrabber 6.0 for iOS with Real-Time Recognition capabilities and a completely re-designed interface.
The app lifts text of any color from any background directly on a camera preview screen eliminating the need to take a photo to run the recognition process. The recognition is performed on device, no Internet connection is needed. The technology works with 61 languages, the biggest number on the market in its category. The digitized text instantly becomes actionable: it can be copied, edited, shared, translated into 104 languages or read using VoiceOver. All links, phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses and event details become clickable for the user to easily perform the corresponding task – follow, call, email, find on maps or add to the calendar. As an additional feature, TextGrabber also works as a QR code reader. All the digitized texts and QR codes are saved in the app’s History section, easily accessible for further use.
Combined with the modern and intuitive interface, TextGrabber’s new real-time recognition feature provides a unique user experience. Each mobile device becomes a digital transformation asset helping to connect printed text to action in seconds. We hope the app will benefit a lot of people by accelerating their digital journey as well as increasing accessibility of information – one of our core values and priorities.
TextGrabber is an essential tool for travel, business and school as it quickly and accurately captures text in a foreign language, which might be difficult to type manually, and translates it into the user’s language of choice. The app also serves the needs of people with low vision who will be able to hear virtually any text from print, computer or TV screen with minimum effort or delay.

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