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What is Managed Print Services?

Managed print services is also knows as MPS, by name itself it states managing printing needs and related services.

What does MPS include?

MPS basically includes toner, software and services. However in most cases hardware equipment like printers and copiers are included and bundled into one cost per page. Few MPS providers keep the hardware equipment and finance cost separate and charge a monthly fixed cost plus a cost per page for supplies and services.
How to start on Managed printing services?

If you are new to MPS first you need to prepare yourself before you venture into selling MPS as there will be high chances of failures if not managed properly. From my personal experience MPS is more a risky business than direct sales, but has its own advantages.
In direct sales you sell machines and make profit out of it immediately, and you will not worry about toners or service. Whenever client requires he will request for it and you make money from it.
MPS is a different ball game all together, as an MPS provider you need to provide supplies and service as per your initial agreement and continue to do so until the end of the contract. In this case a slight change in consumption can affect your planned bottom-line.

You should know the below before you start on MPS
a) If you have right tools for assessing the client’s needs and requirements?

b) What products will you provide in MPS? Please note not all products are suitable for MPS, Choosing the right product and options can make you win or lose a deal.

c) What should your MPS module include?

d) Whether to include fleet management and output management solutions as part of MPS scope?

e) How to manage the contract once an MPS deal has been signed?

I would advise not to sell MPS as hardware equipment. It’s not one size fits for all, MPS has to be customized as per the client requirements.
There are several local and international software’s available for managing MPS from start to the end. It does not mean you need to invest in expensive software before you begin selling MPS , you can manage this from a normal Microsoft excel sheet and as business grows it is recommended to have a software in place for easy management. You will be seeing more articles on MPS as we go on and I will make a point to share more information on this.